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Wonderful game

It didn't fill up with units as much and as quickly as the last one but do I have one single complaint, and that it is that you have to GRIND on the levels over and over again to improve your units and skills just to push a little bit ahead. And even though it's somewhat expected, I just cannot relate to it. Otherwise, awesome.

Uninspired and irritating.

The obstacles, character and general look of the game needs to improve, a lot. some things were increasingly annoying and while possible, really didn't make me finish the game or even the stage "Tee-Hee, there will be three pillars of poorly drawn fire with unreasonable borders and arrows flying through the fire so you can't see them coming."

That sort of thing just turned me off.

Hate it, deeply.

The graphics were average and not at all amazing, the execution, which lost you 8-9 stars on the review was HORRID. It finally came to me that this game has no actual physics engine but just random code and I can try the same thing over and over again until it works, because there is no other way.

So in conclusion, it's frustrating as hell to find a working design that doesn't actually work until you try it over and over again like a bloody fool. Not that it matters, big websites will keep making their games and never read a single review. ewhuiehwfuih. See?

Now the constructive part: Improve graphics, this is way too poor for the kind of GRAPHIC experience you're trying to deliver, and fire whoever programmed this game, and get someone new.

Lots of potential.

This game carries a lot of potential for a children's game and all around coloring, but while the choices were pretty good, I still think some minor improvements would make this about as flawless as this genre can be, such as wooden patterns added to the smooth guitar texture and the ability to add more background and accessories.

It still should remain uncluttered, as it is now, but with some minor additions to satisfy the purists. Otherwise it's a very good and very simple, low maintenance game.

Fun but somewhat frustrating

I'm giving you a nine out of ten and one of my extremely rare reviews to notify you your game was very fun and interesting. Since 300 other reviews mark the good of your game, I'll try and help with the "not so good".

The jumping mechanism (duh) is frustrating for the most part. Not impossible, but uncomfortable too. If you could just manage the post-jump slide and create an efficient run n' jump this could be a ten star game. Otherwise, beautiful, captivating game and I suggest you add small touch ups and add-on's every now and again to keep it interesting.

Very good game.

However reminiscent to many other games out there, it has it's little mark to distinguish it and be a stand-alone game.

We are not new to the idea of a "bi" ship/warrior that cannot be harmed by one specific type of weapon, which is a concept that develops in the game.

Here it was done quite well and there are certainly no complaints regarding any feature in the game except that it does not make a special imprint in the genre.

My suggestion would be either to insert something highly original into the game, or expanding more into the way it was already going, meaning, a defense game, which could give a lot more options for more game hours and features.

Still, great game.


A very average dress up game. No nudity, kind of a disappointment to the 99% male surfers of NG but you still did pretty well. Nothing original here but I guess we'll just make do. I suspect you'll pass with around 2.0 in score.

Try and add nudity, lots of teenagers on NG.

Good luck


Very good game, but I got a little bugged by the music, and the hardest levels seemed to be out of place.

Still, the game was fun, the diary part wasn't bad either.

Lose the music, change a couple level locations, and I think it would be really good

Regarding any other complaints, this dblclkmatt guy pretty much said everything.

Nice, but too average.

I'll start by saying you are the lucky winner of my contest of who to review once every year or so, or as often as I do actually write a review, but now to business. This is a small game, by all means but the quality and game-play are very good. While the game isn't addicting it's loveable and cute in a "new baby" sort of way. The difficulty levels while not adjustable were gradually increased, only because of the bubble's size really. Right click menu allows for lower quality although I doubt any computer can't digest this simple cute game.

All of the power ups were nice additions and varied and I assume it would more than a couple games to find them all. Some were very useful and some just gave a nice effect to the game's appearance. A small idea I would suggest just for fun would a small unlockable menu for some of power ups effects, let's say after one reaches a certain score it would be available to constantly activate a certain power up, first visual ones, then game effecting ones. That would be a small yet nice idea of something to add, although it's not mandatory.

Motion in the game was smooth and flowing, no lagging problems or steering issues. Music was bland but acceptable since it was taken from NG and has no rights on it and also contributes to NG authors. Everything was nice, although with some improvement this could be made to a much better game, at some moments it has potential of becoming one of the best, but it doesn't follow through, denying it of the success it could have had.

Anyway, last time I reviewed was before the re-design and reviews were done differently, now I cannot grade you in each and every field but I will still explain my thoughts in each field of the submission, simply because I can.

Graphics: Very neat and smooth, polished look. Not the least bit problematic. But, with that they were very mediocre, average and below of what I'm sure you could have accomplished.

Style: Another casually made 'dodge & win' game which is also following a previous game of the same nature. Not original, not outstanding, but adequate and likeable.

Sound: Bland and eventually tedious but can be turned off, it's something.

Violence: None.

Interactivity: not exploited to its full capability, you had a working idea, decent flash skills but you lack the ambition to make it much better. I can think of several ways this game could be made better. But you'll have to contact me for those; I won't be expecting the call too soon by the looks of it.

Humor: none.

Originality: Minimal.

Effort: Average.

Overall: Good, no doubt about it, but could have done much better. Maybe in the sequel?

Another incredible game.

What is to be said about such a unique, original, creative and successful game except for awesome? Just about anything I can describe was good. Though difficulty levels would be appreciated (a bit too easy). Graphically it is another great game; environments were well detailed and easy on the eyes. The animations of both the interactive part and the still part were good. The movement was good and realistic. Interesting and functional. It might even become one of my most favorite games here on NG. Congrats on the daily award and moving on, sounds, there was sort of a voice of the Atlantis alien which seemed fine to me for a voice that doesn’t supposed to have any meaning. The only other sounds were in game sound effects which were normal and fully fulfilled their purpose. Violence is technically there because you poison divers and kill them in interesting ways. My favorite bubble to use for a vast majority of the game is the metal one, it doesn’t take much air and is effective against everything. The other bubble types are just something to toy around with if you ask me. And the sizes and improvements, they should be for purchase. Something you can buy as you move along the game, but not so easy to get. Some things to unlock can be nice, after all the game just felt too easy, any game I can finish without loosing once is too easy. Interactivity of what was there what pretty damn good. I just wish there was a bit more, like money to be earned and things to be bought. And maybe a bit more of a glorious victory scene. I saw the opening town, kind of silly for an underwater city but it just felt it wasn’t satisfying enough. Try adding this unbeatable boss and just as you are about to die, you automatically beat him and in the cut scene he and the troops retreat. Which does remind, bosses? Where are they, bosses make these games more fun. Also, perhaps to add a bit more on the opening screen with more than just free play and a regular mode and then links, which would be nice. As far as humor goes this was lovely, it had a funny touch to it, like killing diverse in various fun ways, like poisoning them to death as well as crushing them or simply blowing them away towards a bomb. Even if you didn’t mean that to be funny, it was. It was pretty original for the genre, I’ll be sure to add it to the defense games, and if you improve the system a bit maybe even to my favorites. Diversity was sufficient but a bit lacking, as much as I liked the subs, divers and mines, I was expecting more on the final level. I truly think you would be better off adding some kind of boss to fight, but then again you might have made just the game for the sake of putting something relatively ok out there. Perfection this is not, but it sure is good. The amount of effort that was put into this is of course unknown to me but I assume you did give this some time and despite that, you’ll need a bit more than that to make this a really addictive game. And in general there isn’t much to be said (invisible by this review) but while this game is in fact good some improvements can be made to make it even greater than it is. Just minor things like a market/buying system and perhaps a couple bosses.

Graphics: 10, Everything was neatly done, the drawings as well as the smooth, simple animations. Absolutely flawless in the visual department.

Style: 9, Another casual defense game but with a less complicated system. However that makes it less interesting. Give users the option to earn money and spend it on the improvements you hand them out just for surviving.

Sound: 10, A bit of random voice and sound effects. No flaws with it any way.

Violence: 8, You yourself specify mild violence in this, which exists indeed but in funnier ways. Quite like choking divers and shrinking them do little bubbles of blood.

Interactivity: 9, Could use some work on a better upgrade system along with enemies, but acceptable.

Humor: 9, Funny, even if unintentionally.

Overall: 10, Great game indeed, all I hope is that you pay some attention to these suggestions (though a bit unlikely).

"After all is said and done, more is said than done". - Aesop.

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