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Close to awesome, but no cigar just yet

Definitely an interesting flash. You found a nice, original way of expressing an opinion that wasn't too biased in any direction. Visually speaking it was smooth and for the most part nice although it looked a little pixilated in the close-up scene the way I saw it. The subtitles were a nice touch as well. Speaking as the owner of a Motorola Droid myself, I liked that it was included in the flash, perhaps an update to the flash can also show iPad's family. Not in a consumerist way but just to even things out, sort of equal counterpart that you could possibly spin into follow ups, like adding the iPhone and iPod nano as the children and the Shuffle could be an infant representation. I just think that it would make for a nice touch to a neat film.

And if you don't mind, and you don't because this isn't a live conversation, I'll score your work the old fashion NG way.

Graphics: Decent flash versions of the devices, the hands and legs could use some work, but more in the lines of finishing touches than serious overhaul. I did find the eyes for example a little pixilated and iPad's eyebrow seems to clash with the glossy stripe it's made over, maybe that could be sorted out.

Style: Nicely done with added bodies to the devices, although as I mentioned, their actual look could be done better, and I would have been more impressed if iPad's dock connecter were to dangle all the way to the back of the device, even while he's hitting Xoom.

Sound: While I respect this is a one-man operation, there's a chance that having two voices actors and a slightly smoother microphone would have improved this film.

Violence: One proper smack to the Xoom and some frightening verbal threats afterwards. The fact you resorted to device based sodomy would give my therapist a lot of ideas.

Interactivity: Basic and ultimately complete. On such a short film it would be a wasted of time to bother with scene select and seek, You could enhance your viewers by getting a couple people to give you translated versions of the subtitles, it could attract viewers from other places as well and since you already have subs it shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

Humor: While subjective to one opinion it's still funny and doesn't really alienate fans of the Xoom for example. I'd enjoy an alternate scene in which the iPad is about to hit the Xoom but the Xoom turns on a flash from Newgrounds for example and memorizes the iPad to tears. Just a suggestion.

Originality: Not the first creation of this type of seen, but there aren't that many that touch the subject this way as it is, so originality is accomplished.
Effort: Garden variety. It's good, but as I suggested, if you choose to enlarge the project a little, there's so much more to be done with it.

Overall: Pretty cool, I like it and I'm pleased to have been one of the people to save this submission. You get 9 out of 10 stars for a job well done but one star removed for not going that extra mile.

diamond-armada responds:

..... Wow that was a very in depth review! :3 I'm so proud of my cartoon :,) lol. As I said, it was only a small thing, did it in 4 hours on a college day. Tbh I could have done a lot more, but the script went alright by it's own standards. I'd just love to see how people react to this, I'm interested more in how they react, either offended, excited or in the middle, it's all really interesting :)

Anyway, thanks for the review, really helped a lot with the next flash :)


New review restrictions prohibit me from being mean about this review and get away with it, but it is still 'bad'. And that is because what you did, is take a couple frames of madness characters along with exceptionally loud music, and made it a swf. file. Personally, I think the only it got through the portal is because of unfair play. Further more, constant tracking has shown you most likely get other people to vote up your movies, which are all in fact, sub par.

I sincerely hope this is removed somehow. An offensive reply will be replied to over other media forms.

Conal responds:

Its art.
& if this is really a problem for you then stop coming back to it, there's much worse movies than this on Newgrounds.

Your the sought of person who will be on a computer everyday & vote on some movie because you want to be annoying.

Your are a faggot & a troll.


Well let me just say I really enjoyed this flash, it was very well done. The idea was very suggestive of envy rather than sacrifice for art, the artist saw the artwork named 'artist's shit' and decided he wants to top it, or at least that's how the scene is portrayed.

The animation was very good; it was realistic but had touches that didn't seem perfect. Although for a flash it was entirely acceptable, in fact if you're even interested in making a flash with a deeper story line, I write short stories that always seem to be a great foundation to flash movies or even real ones.

The music was nice, a bit bizarre but it did work out nicely for the flash. The sounds were pretty good, the gun shot sounded authentic enough to me.

Style was very unique; I will say this is original. I liked nothing more than seeing the artist place himself exactly in-front of the canvas and then fire away, the only question remaining who exactly makes the profit from hanging that piece there.

Violence is considerable but then again, all artists are in some way or another a bit wacky, the more, the better they are.

This is a short so I don't feel it REALLY requires some interactive touches like quality control or pause, but it would always be nice to add them on any sort of movie. Although the lack of such things didn't harm the movie, this time.

It has a light dash of humor, one can't help but giggle at the innovation that is, 'artist's shit'.

And overall, good work, no bad comments, but it also isn't what I'd call top 50 material. Continue on the good work.

P.S: Again, if you ever want a good idea for a flash, contact me.

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Wonderful game

It didn't fill up with units as much and as quickly as the last one but do I have one single complaint, and that it is that you have to GRIND on the levels over and over again to improve your units and skills just to push a little bit ahead. And even though it's somewhat expected, I just cannot relate to it. Otherwise, awesome.

Uninspired and irritating.

The obstacles, character and general look of the game needs to improve, a lot. some things were increasingly annoying and while possible, really didn't make me finish the game or even the stage "Tee-Hee, there will be three pillars of poorly drawn fire with unreasonable borders and arrows flying through the fire so you can't see them coming."

That sort of thing just turned me off.

Hate it, deeply.

The graphics were average and not at all amazing, the execution, which lost you 8-9 stars on the review was HORRID. It finally came to me that this game has no actual physics engine but just random code and I can try the same thing over and over again until it works, because there is no other way.

So in conclusion, it's frustrating as hell to find a working design that doesn't actually work until you try it over and over again like a bloody fool. Not that it matters, big websites will keep making their games and never read a single review. ewhuiehwfuih. See?

Now the constructive part: Improve graphics, this is way too poor for the kind of GRAPHIC experience you're trying to deliver, and fire whoever programmed this game, and get someone new.

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Well done.

Not usually a fan of tracks like this, but I'm trying to expand my music sources, so you'll do. Good work; you may continue.

SolidElectro responds:

Ok thanks, its good to listen to lots of music, if you forget to do so you will get musically narrow-minded ;)

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