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Entry #6


2010-04-23 05:45:49 by Phantom

To whomever is trying to hack my account:
ROFL, you fail.


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2010-10-11 21:10:53

Lol are you still a huge faggot?

Phantom responds:

Are you still a huge closet homosexual?


2010-09-02 18:30:36

Wasn't me.

Phantom responds:

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, mostly because I have no idea who you are.


2010-08-04 22:30:20

Oh yeah you were that dickhead from the DD.

Phantom responds:

I'm still that dickhead, but I only did it because I heard you like dicks, did I misread or something?


2010-08-04 18:29:48

Sorry about that, nervous habit and all that.


Phantom responds:

An agent of the FSB has been sent to verify your story. Bring lube.


2010-07-18 19:36:12

Sorry.. :(

It wasn't me.

Phantom responds:

If it's not you, why would you be sorry?

It's a trap!


2010-05-27 09:12:54

Make easy money for free using Easy Vouch and donate it to Newgrounds so we can get the front page back to the way it used to be.

Phantom responds:




2010-05-10 11:46:54

Are you dead or not?

Phantom responds:

You tell me, am I dead?


2011-01-05 09:30:48

No, it's those guys from the I.T crowd.

Phantom responds:

Well screw them.


2011-01-15 15:58:23

I got directed from ED to you, showing you as a proclaimed veteran of Newgrounds, AKA a lifeless leech who believes they've accomplished something with their lives by going on a website for a long enough period to pretend you're above everyone else.

Phantom responds:

Ouch, that insult really hurt my feelings.

Oh wait, I'm not a 12 year old girl. Anyway, who's ED? you know, other than your little..."condition"


2011-03-28 15:50:38

Damn! I was so close too, (sigh) oh well back to the drawing board :P

Phantom responds:

Next time try passwords that are not qwerty


2011-03-28 18:31:47

Nice flash submission. lol

Phantom responds:


Stupid of Newgrounds to let it pass, maybe I should delete it, but my revenue is up to FIVE cents, I'm too greedy to let it go.


2011-05-21 17:45:40

I'm from middle east too dude which country

Phantom responds:

I don't remember.